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Program Giving supports the program as a whole. The day to day operations of WHOA, such as facilities, insurance, general administration, all the way down to postage stamps. These basic needs of the program are necessary for the successful running of the program. Continuing education and training new PATH Certified Instructors will also be included within this donation category. This training allows our instructors to stay current within the field and learn new things pertaining to therapeutic riding.

2) Scholarships

Scholarship giving will go toward students being given the opportunity to ride regardless of economic status. Any amount can be given towards the scholarship fund. Our students rely on scholarships because they will not be turned away due to economic hardship. Classes are held in the Spring, Summer, & Fall.  Each class costs $30 & is approximately an hour.  Spring & Fall sessions are 6 weeks & costs $180.00, Summer sessions are 8 weeks & costs $240, therefore, all three sessions costs $600.00. Private lessons are also available, which is $20 for 30 minutes.

Scholarships EligibilitySEUXUM3yKFtBlNacG8LRfh8fxRn3nD3KtdEcv0bYybQ

With our commitment to accepting participants into our program based on therapeutic need, regardless of financial means, we offer scholarship assistance to those unable to pay the established fees. Scholarships (in full or in the form of adjusted fees) are rewarded through a simple application process. Scholarship eligibility is based on the most current Federal Poverty Guidelines. An application must be completed one month before the beginning of each riding session. This ensures the scholarship committee to have enough time to evaluate each request. Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of each riding session on a first come, first serve basis. Funding will be provided as long as there are adequate funds available and that scholarship qualifications are met. All information accompanying this request is confidential.

3) Bucket Fund: Horse care & adoption1

Horse care and adoption donations will go towards giving quality care to the Whoa horses. Any fund amounts will go towards feed, bedding, veterinarian care, other health care necessities, farrier, board, along with purchasing horses. The saying goes a 100 bales per horse during the winter months.

Wish List / In-kind contributions

  • Projector & Screen (laptop compatible)
  • hay, grain, bedding
  • skid-loader
  • tack
  • horse trailer
  • veterinarian care, farrier, chiropractic care
  • gift cards to Walmart, Farm and Fleet, lumber companies, tack stores, Staples (office supplies)
  • fly spray, salt & mineral blocks, bottled water
  • Floor mats for the horse barn
  • little refrigerator







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